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A cloud backend
API for your APP

The API backend for Mobile, Desktop & IoT Apps Serverless APP development is easy with our Cloud Data API..

Cloud Data API for your App

1. Sign up

It is free to sign up as a developer and obtain an API key for your App project and you don't need a credit card either.

2. Start building

Try out our examples to get your App built rapidly, without you having to create a backend or setup & lease a web server.

3. Deploy your App

Compatible with JavaScript, NW.JS, Electron + more, so deploy on Windows, MacOS, Linux, Android & even IoT.

RAPID Serverless Backend

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No credit card, free sign up!

Creating an App for Mobiles, Windows, MacOS, Linux and IoT has usually required some level of backend infrastructure.

Now, with the help of RAPID, you no longer need to deploy web servers, or need to program any back end code!

  • No server or backend required ever again
  • Free tier for developers to start building
  • Scalable and reliable service using NVMe SSD
  • Data is backed up and load balanced
Get started

Main Features

You can set Data, Files and Assets to be either accessible by anyone (public) or protected by your API Key (private).

Data Storage

Use the RAPID data API for Apps such as chat, ecommerce, games scores, news, or whatever your creative mind desires. Store data and retrieve using our strong JSON API, by individual record, by tag, or by search pattern.

Asset Storage

There might be cases where your app requires external resources/assets such as JavaScripts, CSS and images such as logos etc. With our API you can use our service as a cached CDN for your App assets.

File Storage

There may also be situations where you need to store files such as gallery images, videos, documents etc. Using our RAPID API, you can make use of reliable globally cached file storage either manually via our console interface or automatically using our API.

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appmyil mobile

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